New YIFY Group into Action

YIFY , one of the popularly known movie release group which publishes their works directly to the torrent sites. The group has almost shared 6000 movies since 2010. They also have a website which has a catalog of their releases. Their site was facing downtime since last month, Many sources have claimed that it was due to DDoS […]

How To Prevent Apple USB’s From breaking?

iphjone usb_5

Heya buddies! How’re you doing? Especially with your Apple devices and their Chargers? Felt irritating every time Apple USB’s are getting broken? Well, It’s not only your problem but everyone’s. I’ve found out that all of my friends were getting irked because of these tears on them USB’s. It’s one hell of an issue for […]

How to install Cloudflare CDN?

How to install Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the free Content Delivery network on the internet. Cloudflare is a good CDN to start up your site with. What’s Content Delivery Network (CDN)? CDN is an interconnected system of Cache Servers that delivers related web page data depending on the Geographical location of the user. CDN Caches all the data of information of […]