How To Prevent Apple USB’s From breaking?

iphjone usb_5

Heya buddies! How’re you doing? Especially with your Apple devices and their Chargers? Felt irritating every time Apple USB’s are getting broken? Well, It’s not only your problem but everyone’s. I’ve found out that all of my friends were getting irked because of these tears on them USB’s. It’s one hell of an issue for […]

IFTTT- Put the internet to work for you


IFTTT an acronym of If This Then That. IFTTT is a website where you can create recipes and get your work done on different platforms of apps. Here Recipes means a simple connection between products and apps. Let’s take an example If you want to save all the photos which you upload on instagram. You […]

Google’s Trending Searches Of 2014 Includes iPhone 6, Robin Williams, The World Cup.

iphone 6

Search engine giant Google had released it’s annual list of year’s fastest-rising search requests. Generally these list provides a clear cut info to actually understand what people were thinking because the company’s technology processes about two out of every three search requests made on the internet. The list usually comes out at the ending of […]

iMessage De-registration for Tool

imessage de-registration

Apple has announced a new iMessage De-registraton which enables Non iPhone users to deactivate their number from iMessage service. Many users are there who have switched from iPhone to others mobile (like Android, windows etc) using their existing number which they’ve used for iPhone.  These existing users face problem in receiving normal messages so this tool was released. If […]