Turn Your Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot.

wifi hotspot11

Yeah, you heard it right. It’s now possible to turn your laptop into a Wifi Hotspot. From today, after reading this post, I bet you will never look for Wifi routers again anywhere. Your Laptop will do that job for you. With the required software’s that I’ll be sharing with you guys in this post, […]

Windows 10 Microsoft’s next OS.

Microsoft announced the next release of its operating system at its Windows event in San Francisco on September 30th. Terry Myerson , Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating System said, Windows 10 would work across all types of devices (computers, tablets, phones): “One product family. One platform. One store.” The Start Menu:-  In the start menu  you […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Microsoft surface pro 3 review

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Laptop replacement? Microsoft is positioning the Surface Pro 3 as a tablet that replaces your laptop. Microsoft is going with the moto ‘The tablet that can replace your laptop’. Surface Pro 3 may attract few tech enthusiasts but many of the people in tech press disagreeing with Microsoft.  Surface Pro […]

Microsoft Offering $650 Store Credit For A Trade-In Of Macbook Air With Surface Pro 3.

Macbook trade in

Not satisfied with the improvements on Cloud Storage services, Microsoft announced today of providing offer up to $650 Store Credit to trade in a MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3. Microsoft, already being too generous about it’s cloud storage service “OneDrive” , the company had announced the other day that it will give upto $650 […]