301 Redirect for Broken Links

301 Redirect for broken links

Broken links mess up your site authority, This usually happens when you migrate your site. To overcome this issue we can redirect the broken links to some other url or page of your website. The broken urls arise even when you delete some content on your website. You can get to know the list of […]

Best WordPress Plugins for a new blog

WordPress is one of the best CMS and most commonly used by the developers as I already mentioned in the previous posts. There are many free and paid extensions available for WordPress. Here are some best WordPress plugins which are useful once after you install a stock WordPress. These best WordPress plugins will enhance your website […]

Gaining Traffic and Readers Through Blogging

    Blogging can be quite appealing because it provides an outlet for you to make your mark on the world. Everyone has a natural desire to share a message with everyone, but it can be difficult to figure out how to do that. This article is intended to guide you in your effort to […]