How To Prevent Apple USB’s From breaking?

iphjone usb_5

Heya buddies! How’re you doing? Especially with your Apple devices and their Chargers? Felt irritating every time Apple USB’s are getting broken? Well, It’s not only your problem but everyone’s. I’ve found out that all of my friends were getting irked because of these tears on them USB’s. It’s one hell of an issue for […]

IFTTT- Put the internet to work for you


IFTTT an acronym of If This Then That. IFTTT is a website where you can create recipes and get your work done on different platforms of apps. Here Recipes means a simple connection between products and apps. Let’s take an example If you want to save all the photos which you upload on instagram. You […]

Turn Your Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot.

wifi hotspot11

Yeah, you heard it right. It’s now possible to turn your laptop into a Wifi Hotspot. From today, after reading this post, I bet you will never look for Wifi routers again anywhere. Your Laptop will do that job for you. With the required software’s that I’ll be sharing with you guys in this post, […]

Bluestacks Alternative

Bluestacks Alternative

 Bluestacks which is one of the commonly used Android Emulator which is built with many features. Bluestacks AppPlayer is an Emulator where you can run the android apps on your windows computer. It’s a very easy to use tool where you can install it within few clicks and start installing your android apps. You can […]

Screenshot Tool For Mac And Windows

Screenshot tool

Most of them use screenshots of their desktops to share it, The most commonly used tool is the PrtScn Button. Using this PrtScn button to make screenshots is a bit sluggish process where we need to use application like PowerPoint to Insert the screenshot in that document and the save it on the Hard disk. […]