How to install Cloudflare CDN?

Cloudflare is one of the free Content Delivery network on the internet. Cloudflare is a good CDN to start up your site with.

What’s Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

CDN is an interconnected system of Cache Servers that delivers related web page data depending on the Geographical location of the user. CDN Caches all the data of information of the Website and decrease the use of bandwidth. The information or data of the website is stored in many servers all over the world for faster access of the website data by the users. The CDN services caches the static data of the website and the dynamic content is directly served from your web server.

Advantages of Cloudflare CDN

  • Using the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network users can access the website fast as twice of the average speed
  • Cloudflare CDN can save a lot of bandwidth by caching the data. It almost saves 60% of the bandwidth
  • CDN increases the security of the website and protects it from DDoS attacks
  • It also protects the site from surge traffic and the site from being down
  • CDN boosts up the site performance by minification of files like HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Cloudflare is a free CDN network as well provides paid services. For the free service it provides many of great features like Standard Security, protection from spammers and attackers and Analytics data.

How to install Cloudflare?

Now a days many of the servers are providing an easy installation service for Cloudflare CDN in CPanel. You can find it in the software section of the CPanel.

How to install Cloudfare

Once you click on it and filling up a form your site will be activated with Cloudflare.

If your server does not support the easy installation procedure of cloudflare you can follow the below steps

First go to, Once the registration is completed login into your account. On your dashboard you can add your website.

How to install Cloudfare

Once the website domain is added it performs a Domain Records scan. Once its completed you can continue to next step.

How to install Cloudfare

Once you click on Continue Setup you can see all the Domain Records on that page. You can verify the records with your present records and if anything is missing you can add it.

How to install Cloudflare

Once you complete this step you will be redirected to a page where you can select the Plan. Select the plan which you want to choose and proceed to next step.

How to install Cloudflare

You need to update your nameservers with new once which cloudflare provides you to activate the cloudflare CDN Service. Once they are updated the cloudflare service would be live on your website within few hours.



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    Cloudflare seems to be great option here, especially as it is free. Who does not like a great freebie?

    The installation guidance provided by you is also helpful. Thanks for the great share.

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