How To Prevent Apple USB’s From breaking?

Heya buddies! How’re you doing? Especially with your Apple devices and their Chargers? Felt irritating every time Apple USB’s are getting broken? Well, It’s not only your problem but everyone’s. I’ve found out that all of my friends were getting irked because of these tears on them USB’s. It’s one hell of an issue for us users because, to buy those pieces again would cost us none the less than 20$.

But don’t worry. I’ve got a solution for saving the same USB’s without throwing them into the dustbin. Let me explain a simple logic.

These USB’s are volatile at their edges. So if we could give them proper support at their edges, I bet they’ll last longer than expected.

How Do You Save Your USB’s ?


Take 2 Springs, I’ve used the springs that were used in click pens.   You can pick 2 of them from those pens.

Step 2:

You need to insert both the springs on to the corners of the USB. Take a spring, open one of the ends of the spring, make sure it’s wide enough to roll it’s open edge to the USB.

iphone usb

Step 3:

Roll on that open edge of spring on to the USB, keep it rolling and rotating so that it finally round the USB.

iphone usb_2

Step 4:

After rolling the whole spring on to it, it should look like this. Now, rinse and repeat the same procedure for the other spring too.

iphone usb_3

Step 5:

Done,lol! There’s nothing more to do. Simple right?


You might want to check the video how is it done. Check it out here:

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