How To Start An Online Store Using OpenCart?

Online shopping is mainstream now a days, Even you can start up an Online Store easily using the OpenCart CMS and start selling your products. In this post I’m going to explain How to start an online store using opencart?. OpenCart is an open source Shopping cart CMS where using this you can start up your store easily within few clicks. OpenCart is best among the shopping cart CMS which are available on the internet. You can read more about OpenCart in my previous post.

The installation of the Opencart is easy as WordPress Installation. You can check the Installation of OpenCart

Once the installation is done it’s time to configure the store. OpenCart has a good interface you can easily understand the settings in the administrative panel of the store. Now it’s time to configure the store.

Configuring OpenCart

Once the installation of the OpenCart, Using the admin credentials you can login into your administrative panel of your site through Now once you login into the administrative panel of your store you can set up all the basic settings of your store through the settings.

How to start a online store using opencart?

You can give up the basic details of the general store details like Store Owner Name, Store Name, Address and other contact details. The default currency of the store can be selected from the local settings, The main for the site support can be configured using SMTP or basic php mail. You can also use SSL for your store and improve the security score of the store.

Localisation is one the important feature of a OpenCart which will allow you to set the languages, currencies and shipping zones so that you can restrict the shipping or availability of the product to particular set of locations. You can set up many currencies and a default currency. The conversion of the currencies is automatically done by the OpenCart with the help of latest currency values from Google. So there is no problem of updating the currency value from time to time. Tax classes can be added to the products like Service tax and Value Added tax.

How to start a online store using opencart?

Coming to the front end design on of the store, There are many free and paid developed themes available on internet. You can easily install the themes and activate them. The modules can be easily modified using  the admin interface.

In online store shipping is one of the main thing which has to be concentrated on. The shipping rates can be fixed depending on the weight, Quantity or else per item shipping. Shipping costs can be increased on the products depending on the zone they need to be delivered. You can find many more shipping modules in the Extensions menu of the administrative panel.

Payment Gateways are necessary for the Online Stores, Many popular payment gateways are available for OpenCart. In India CCavenue is one of the best Payment Processor which is also available for the OpenCart.

Here are the available payment gateways for OpenCart

How to start a online store using opencart?

OpenCart is embedded with other all necessary features which an Online store is required like Discount Coupon System, Product Reviews, Product ratings, Invoice Generation and many more.

OpenCart is Search Engine Optimized CMS, It has the SEO friendly urls and pinging system to ping all the search engines. It also has inbuilt sitemap generator which can be submitted to Search engines to index the store pages.

Finally adding the products is also so easy on OpenCart, Before adding products we need to set up the categories and parent categories. Once they are set up you can add products by giving all the information about the product like Name, Code, Details about the product, photos and other necessary details.

OpenCart has a big developer community and support forums for improving the OpenCart technology. The OpenCart also has a good documentation and guides regarding the functionality of the features in the administrative panel. It also has a Extensions Directory with thousands of extensions which are needed for an Online Store to make it more professional and sophisticated.

It’s a perfect time to kickstart your business online and start gaining leads from internet. If you have anymore queries about OpenCart you can write us at [email protected]


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