New YIFY Group into Action

YIFY , one of the popularly known movie release group which publishes their works directly to the torrent sites. The group has almost shared 6000 movies since 2010. They also have a website which has a catalog of their releases.

Their site was facing downtime since last month, Many sources have claimed that it was due to DDoS attack. But later the whole scene was ended up by Motion Picture association of America (MPAA). According to MPAA the main master mind behind this operation was a New Zealand citizen and was imposed a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

After the unprecedented settlement of YIFY group with MPAA, A new group with the same name of YTS started website on new domain

The new group is trying to take advantage of the YTS fame and it fans. The group started contacting all the administrators of Torrent sites through emails asking them for permission to release movies on the name of original YTS/YIFY group.

“Do we have acknowledgement from previous YIFY team to do this? The answer is that we could not reach them,” the email reads.

“We do our best to continue their work, thus so far we have uploaded our own encodes/releases with very similar quality/size of previous YTS team and even improving a bit the audio part of the encodes. We have our own seedboxes and upload very fast the releases.”

“You have a very strong community and your users are searching daily for new YTS releases. Even though they can find them at we would like to partnership with you and add our new releases to your website,”


Many of the torrent sites like KAT, RARBG and ExtraTorrents started opposing to use the name of original YTS/YIFY group.

“Here at KAT we don’t think it’s a good idea for a release group to use the name of the other group confusing our users. So no platform will be provided at least until they choose another name,” the team informs TorrentFreak.


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