Microsoft reduces the prices of Surface Pro 2 before the shipping of Surface Pro 3.

surface pro 2

As we know every company reduces the prices of it’s previous models of every product as new products/successors of them are released. The same case,  Microsoft has reduced the prices of it’s 2nd Generation Surface Pro 2 tablets just before The beginning of delivery of Surface Pro 3, successor of it. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 […]

Microsoft increases OneDrive storage capacity to 15GB

Microsoft increases onedrive storage

It’s good to see that companies compete with each other and provide us users with more and more of what the other (their competitors) failed to provide us with. The same case, Microsoft to increase OneDrive space, It has announced yesterday that all the users of their cloud storage “OneDrive” will have the access 15GB of storage for […]

The Apple iWatch.

apples new iwatch

One secret why Apple is at No.1 Position in the market is, they chose what people exactly want out of what it was not possible with other companies, re-design it very beautifully and produce it outside. Considering the positive side, that’s a very good step taken by Apple to really put forward a beautifully finished […]

USB ON-THE-GO for PC and Smartphone

Sandisk ultra dual vs Kingston DataTraveller Micro Duo

Copying the data to and from the computer and your android smartphone requires a cable and involves some effort. The Kingston DataTraveler microDuo and the Sandisk Ultra Dual USB drive will save you the hassle of using a wire. On either side – a full-sized USB for computer and a micro-USB for an android smartphone or tablet. So, you can connect these […]

iPhone 6 , The Most Awaited.

World is constantly changing and for the fact that names like apple , blackberry aren’t just fruit names, they are something more in the tech market and we know about it. Every year, world eagerly waits for Apple to surprise them. Apparently, iPhone 6 is the one which might probably surprise everyone. Here’s a sneak […]

Nokia XL – Review

Nokia – A company which has strong ties with Microsoft in designing their OS (windows) stopped it and joined Google’s OS ( Android) Nokia XL is big in size but small in performance. It’s not price worthy because of it’s low performance. People who would use their mobile for general purposes like calling, chatting, and […]

Phone Charging Myths

Battery life is a key consideration for many of us when buying a smartphone, and ending up with one that runs down in a matter of hours is pretty annoying to say the least. A number of misconceptions about how long smartphone batteries should last, and how you should look after them, have been circulating […]